Providing help around the world

People all over the world are dependent on help. This year, as part of the Charity Campaign 2018, Allianz Collection was able to contribute to the success of various aid organizations around the world by giving donations in kind.

Allianz employees were invited to present projects that were close to their hearts. Following this, they had the opportunity to order up to 150 products for their chosen project from the Allianz Collection charity online shop. Through our campaign, we were able to support organizations in Germany as well as international projects in the Czech Republic, Greece, Tanzania, India, Poland, Kenya, Colombia, Croatia, Nepal, and Spain.

We would like to tell you about some of these projects here.


Sports club Turowo - Poland

This young sports club started out in 2009, setting itself the task of promoting and organizing sports activities and events in order to encourage more young people to play sports.

The Turowo Sports Club has been a non-profit organization since 2013. A key aspect about the club is its commitment to equal opportunities in sport and to giving athletes from small towns the opportunity to take part in major tournaments.

The basketball team is a one of the focal points of their work. Allianz employee Grzegorz Bolechowski and other volunteers have led, trained, and organized this team in their free time for the past 10 years.


Fundacion sindrome 5P - Spanien

This organization from Spain is dedicated to helping children with 5p- syndrome and their families. This is a rare disorder that occurs in one in 50,000 children and is also known as cri du chat syndrome or cat cry syndrome.

The Fundacion Sindrome 5P (5p- Syndrome Foundation) helps families by informing them about the condition. -They also provide tips on how to interact with affected children, and offer their support in finding therapists and treatments. Thanks to Cristina Gurucharri Sabroso, the families and their children were given new clothes, thus providing them with some financial relief.


Blue cross - Croatia

The Croatia Blue Cross organization is a greenfarm animal sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates all kinds of animals from Bosnia and Herzegovina before introducing them to new owners. If animals have a disability, they stay on the farm and receive lifelong care.

In the last 17 years, more than 2,500 animals have been rescued by the Blue Cross. There are currently 40 dogs, 17 cats, 4 sheep, 4 pigs and a cow on the farm. Thanks to the commitment of Allianz employee Kristina Khalifa, the leaders of the organizations Agneza and Jelena, as well as their numerous volunteers, were provided with clothing for their daily work so that they can continue to save and help animals in need in the future.


Tandem NGO - Greece

At its Athens site, this organization helps orphaned children who have physical or mental disabilities. The aim of Tandem NGO is to offer these children a dignified life and to support them in their daily struggle with their illness.

To achieve this, the organization provides the children with accommodation and meals, takes care of them lovingly and ensures they receive an education. Members of the organization also run activities that build up the self-confidence of these children and young people and strengthen their independence. Due to the difficult financial situation in Greece, Tandem NGO has suffered a lot in recent years. However, the project continues to be successful thanks to the help of many long-term aid workers from all over Europe. As a result of her project suggestion, Allianz employee Clara Mendoza Bonet was able to kit out the children and young people living there with new outfits, which really put smiles on their faces.